Live Inspired Entrepreneur Sailing Retreat

Experience the Time of Your Life While Building Meaningful Connections, Cultivating Community, and Growing in Your Business and Your Life

May 23rd - May 30th, 2020

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Are you looking to setup your life for success?

Join us this summer in Croatia to gain a new perspective on your success. Elevate your life, your leadership skills, and your business through this week long sailing mastermind. This week long journey will connect you with other freelancers and entrepreneurs; people that will help keep you accountable and teach you skills that will you get to the next level in your life and your business.

Immerse yourself for a week long experience that will impact your life forever and give you a support system that you can count, so that you can crush any limiting beliefs that might hold you back from taking the next step.  

Entrepreneurship is a challenge, but through the power of community, this journey is so much easier! And that's what we create on this trip, a group of people that you can rise up and grow your businesses together.

That’s why we created the Live Inspired Sailing Retreat.  

We want to give you the right tools and the right community to keep you motivated towards building your dream life and help you avoid all those painful and costly mistakes along the way.  

You will have 7 days of inspiration, masterminds, skill-sharing, fun, content creation and adventure.You will build a community that will last a lifetime. Many of our participants from the last 2 years continue to meetup and support each other around the world.  

It’s often said that you are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so what better way to grow your business than immersing yourself around other creative individuals for a week on a boat in Croatia?!

What makes this personal growth retreat different?

The Location Imagine waking up on the water, in a beautiful Croatian town that is literally straight out of Game of Thrones. You will spend the morning enjoying a relaxing yet challenging yoga class, followed by a meditation session to get your day started with an empowering mindset in paradise. As we travel around the beautiful islands, enjoy a dip in the crystal clear waters along the Dalmation Coast and gets some beautiful shots to that will make your Instagram profile shine.  

The People 22 inspiring people from around the world, all coming together to connect, learn, share what is working for them, where they need help, and how they can live their most fulfilled life of freedom and abundance.  

Plus several structure workshops and mastermind sessions designed to grow your knowledge of personal branding, health, wellness and business concepts. We have industry experts ready to focus on your business, your challenges and your personal growth.  

The Food Our crew is ready to dazzle your appetite with delicious local food. And the first evening we will spend at a beautiful winery in Hvar where everything, yes everything, is grown on the farm. Connect with mind, body and soul while you learn how to nourish your body with delicious healthy food.  

The Boat Our accomodation for the week is Captain Edo’s pride and joy. We will spend the week on the Senia, a traditional wooden Croatian sailing boat. Reconnect with your roots and learn about how Captain Edo went from being a cruise ship engineer to owning this beautiful boat that will be our home for the week.  

The Price Similar events go for upwards of $10,000 USD for just 3 days. Our goal here is to facilitate community, so while we strive to provide the same level of value, we can charge significantly less for this experience while giving you the tools you need master your life, and have an amazing experience at the same time.  

The Community You will feel welcome whether you are coming alone or with your friends. We will take care of your perfect match for a cabin mate that fits your personality, ensuring deep connections.  

The Full Package You will leave with all the tools necessary to crush life move into a new phase. A phase where you can be surrounded by other inspiring, like-minded individuals who just want to see each other succeed. We are passionate about living our dream life, about helping others, about our own health and wellness, and the health and wellness of the planet. Don’t miss this incredible experience to be with us this summer in Croatia!

Build Your Community:

The trip is just the beginning. It's all about the community. Since our 2018 trip, numerous impromptu meetups have happened around the world. From Bali, to Barcelona, to New York to Los Angeles. Our community continues to trive and support each other:

  • Be inspired daily
  • Have a community that you can count on
  • Learn life and business skills from each other

Lots of fun activities, workshops, fitness and adventure:

Plenty of time to keep in mental and pyhsical shape during this trip! Each morning we wake up to a morning yoga session. 

Then there are daily workshops and we have an amazing time our first night at a winery, exploring the lavender fields and eating locally grown food.

This trip truly has it all!  


The Team

Patrick Farrell


Patrick Farrell is from New York City but has been traveling the world for the past couple years as a photographer and software engineer.  

In May of 2016, Patrick quit his job in Manhattan as a software engineer. He booked a one way ticket to Cartagena, Columbia to board the Nomad Cruise that changed his life forever and taught him all the skills that he wants to share with you in Croatia.  

He has a passion for teaching others about entrepreneurship, taking awesome photos, social media and how to fly drones. Patrick believes that you can live a life of passion and enjoy your career while making money doing something you love!  

  You will have full access to Patrick during this trip to learn about how to take and edit photos, make videos, write software or anything else you might be interested in about building a business online.  

Patrick's Instagram: @thegingernomad

Sylvia Jagla


 Sylvia started to shift her life at the age of 18, after a series of events that led her to become almost homeless.  

Today, she’s grateful for her journey from there to a corporate high-flyer and now exploring the world and supporting others to transform from the inside out through leveraging personal & professional leadership in the digital age.  

Her holistic business- and leadership mentoring combines body & brain movement, science, business experience and NLP for mindful growing and flowing.  

After countless years in businesses worldwide, she was excited to pivot and attend an intense 6 months 1100hrs Yoga Training in India. Living with Tibetan monks, refugees and Indians transformed her relationship towards life, work and the Self profoundly.  

Sylvia will be leading yoga sessions for all levels and run masterminds to support you to lead a unique journey of trust and transformation. Her mantra: Trust The Process. Slyvia's Instagram: @sylvia_jagla 

Alexandra Zuber


Alexandra Zuber is a certified transformational coach and digital nomad since 2014.  

She already decided to see the world and live life on her own terms after high school and went to Australia for 1 year to explore herself and what is out there. Since then she lived and traveled in many countries connecting with inspiring people and making a living from the road.  

Alex is passionate about making an impact on other people’s lives and in the world and can teach you a thing or two about how to make your dreams come true, live a fulfilled life and how to set your mindset up for success and get over limiting beliefs which might hold you back from living up to your potential and from living your dream life. Check out her Instagram: @freedomcoach_alex 

Captain Edo


Captain Edo has been sailing around the island of Croatia for the last 13 years on the Senia.  

He's an incredible cook, has an amazing heart and he's one of the most important aspects of this trip. You are just going to fall in love with this man.

Our home for the week at sea

Top Deck

Inside Cabin

Top Deck Cabin

Back Deck Picnic Tables, upload all your gorgeous photos

How do you want to spend your amazing week at sea?


$ 2222 USD

6 Cabins Available

2 People Per Cabin

Price Per Person

Shared Bathroom


$ 2422 USD

2 Cabins Available  

2 People Per Cabin  

Price Per Person  

Shared Bathroom


$2644 USD

1 Cabin Available  

2 People Per Cabin  

Price Per Person  

Private Bathroom


  • Shared cabin with private sink (2 ppl each)
  • Shared bathrooms onboard - land showers in some ports available
  • 4G Wi-Fi access point onboard
  • Daily breakfast and lunch
  • Welcome dinner & winery tour, captains dinner/white dinner, pizza dinner, BBQ night
  • Port taxes for 7 days
  • Taxi transfer Hvar town - Stari Grad Active
  • Activities and skill sharing sessions within an inspiring and supportive community
  • Photography package: 5 headshots you can use for own social media, website, etc.
  • Supportive and motivating community documents and videos included in the workshops
  • Active WhatsApp group that keeps everyone together after the trip  
  • Extra: Epic trip video to always remember this week and share it with friends and family  


  • Alcohol and drinks on-board In-town dinner, snacks, extra activities and shopping on your own.
  • Arrival to Split and airport transfers (either by taxi or own transport)

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